The aim of BabyFinland (VauvaSuomi), is a Finland that delights in babies and where everyone supports the child-centered life of babies and families. BabyFinland is a service that brings together babies, adults and all other age groups. BabyFinland is a pro-baby movement that defends the rights of babies society and lets their own voice be heard.
BabyFinland promotes attachment in families.
BabyFinland was established in June 2015. In the planning period, the following organizations were involved in the preparations: the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, National Institute for Health and
Welfare, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Martha Organization,Family Federation of Finland, Central Union for Child Welfare, ITLA Children’s Fund, Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, MLL child welfare organization and Finnish Association for Infant Mental Health Pirpana.

Students of the Metropolia university of applied sciences have participated in BabyFinland’s concepting, and the Family Federation of Finland has assisted with film-making.

Professors Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen and Kaija Puura are FabyFinland´s in-house experts.
BabyFinland gathers together experts and disseminates scientific knowledge about early interaction, attachment and the neuro-biological information in the human brain.
BabyFinland focuses its actions on families, maternity and child welfare clinics, professionals, enterprises and workplaces, as well as on political decision-makers and media.

It wants to make life friendlier to babies, support good practices in services, provide opportunities to balance family and working life, give fathers more possibilities to take part in the baby´s life and support
interaction between different actors in society.


BabyFinland wants to lift up babies. We will start by celebrating all babies on Baby´s Day, 28 September 2018, and after that, each year on the last Friday of September. We want families, workplaces, services and the whole country to pay attention to babies –our own future. There is no uniform program – the forms of celebration are as
unique as the families themselves.
BabyFinland will organize events in Helsinki on Baby´s Day and arrange media coverage. We hope that our active partners will take advantage of their local knowledge. The right to enjoy the charm of babies belongs to everybody. Do your share and celebrate Baby´s Day together on 28 September 2018!

Organize an event in your home, workplace, park or café. If you are a nurse, organize a baby fest at your maternity or child welfare clinic. Send us pictures and a report of your event! BabyFinland challenges everyone to a competition about the best idea for Baby´s Day.
On Baby´s Day, you can also submit ideas to politicians and leaders and challenge them to work for the good of babies.

The least that you can do on Baby´s Day is to smile and say a nice hello to all babies you meet.

Let´s make Baby’s Day a day of positive encounters!